The Plant Spirit Calling

The Calling of Plant Spirits

When it’s time, the longing gets stronger to come home again.
When you are ready, I call you by your name and I whisper in the sound of silence.
And if you listen, you’ll drink me and then you hear me.

Surrender, remember and trust the process. Take a deep inner dive and strive for true purification.
Just close your eyes and you’ll remember.

I will come to help you with;

  • Loving yourself,
  • Bring new perspectives, a different angle and different approach,
  • Open the black box inside of you, so you can purify and forgive yourself,
  • Reconnecting with your soul,
  • Trust yourself, even if you think that you’re already do that,
  • Take a deep dive inside and explore the world beyond your mind,
  • Believe in the process of your own authentic path, here on planet earth,
  • Learning to feel again and reclaim your truth.

With unconditional love,
The Plant Spirits

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