The benefits of Sacred Plant Spirit workshops

The benefits of sacred Plant Spirit workshops

When you are looking for healing, meaning, insights, answers and personal or spiritual growth. It can cure disorders, unhealthy behaviors, dissolve blockages and patterns. Learn and remember how to use your emotional, spiritual and creative potential.

Everybody have problems, mental problems and ideas / thoughts that are pushing you down. You can have emotional problems (where is my anger, sadness, fear, joy?). And people live with a lot of fear.
A lack of emotional contact with yourself can also be a big problem. And of course we have multiply physical problems. Which are sometimes linked to our deeper emotional problems.

However the biggest problem the most people have is a lack of spiritual connection to what you can call; source, god, great spirit. The connection which you feel with your higher self; your soul.
And for all those kind of problems which mention above we have created in the past 30-50 years different kind of forms of therapy. For example meditation. This is a perfect and strong therapy for reconnecting with yourself, the cosmic nature within you. But you have to do this practice daily and preferably twice a day. Otherwise daily life will get you back in depressive situation or neurotic / chaotic / controle behavior.

So, next to meditation we have a few more important things to do. For example; to solve our physical problems we need to get back in action; use our body…gym, running, swimming, walking, eat healthy, dive into the forrest (forrest bathing) etc. But then we have our emotional and mental self which also needs (nowadays more than ever) attention to stay or become healthy.

Mental we have patterns, you can call this survival patterns which come from birth, childhood or even prenatal. However these patterns are not healthy for us anymore now we are grown up. Now we need to be creative, free, loving, share our wisdom and have no blockages any longer in thinking, expressing and feeling. But this inner child role is still playing a big unhealthy part in our daily lives.

‘For this part we come for therapy’

You have many forms like; NLP, regression / reincarnation, hypo therapy, voice dialogue, soul retrieval etc. These are all forms for breaking the emotional blockages and our deep rooted patterns. And then we have sacred Plant Spirits, like ayahuasca and psilocybin. These plants are doing it all at once. All at the same time and range. It’s healing full force. The physical, letting go of emotional blockages, changing mental structures that we have and reconnecting ourself with the divine; our higher self and spiritual connection.

So you can say that drinking sacred plants brew or eating psilocybin is a holistic form of therapy and meditation. It can be deep transformative for people and can change their lives.
‘One weekend is like one year therapy’, is something what a lot of participants share after a workshop.

The plant proces workshops are not only a form of healing technique. No, it’s more, it’s also a spiritual path and it unfolds naturally. That’s why some people also calls the plant spirit a sacrament (sacrament is connecting with yourself, a higher spirit, with god / source / creator etc.)

It is a double win, an all in one package. This is why I’m so passioned and dedicated to the plant spirits.


A gratitude to Joop van der Hagen, teacher and experienced proces therapy practitioner

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